YIVE 3.0 Your Instant Video Empire

What is YIVE?
YIVE is a video creator and marketing automation machine


Everything we know about successful video marketing has driven the design and creation of YIVE 3.0     

        Build Your Empire of Thousands of Niche Content Videos Quickly and Easily

Creates and Uploads Videos on Autopilot for you
Creates Videos 24/7/365 for you
reates Videos from Your RSS Feeds for you
Creates Videos for Any Keyword for you 
Creates Videos from Any URL for you 
Creates Videos For Amazon Reviews for you 
Creates Videos for Multiple Languages for you 
Creates Videos from Your Own Scripts for you 
Creates Unique Videos from one Script for you 
Creates Unique Videos from one of your Own Videos

Drive Your Video Marketing with Automation

YouTube the number two search engine in the U.S. is driving sales and leads at unprecedented scale. Expanding and distributing content to drive new revenue is why so many marketers are now focused on video portals like YouTube. Take advantage of this ability to scale using YIVE. When you combine your content sources with automation, you find the options in YIVE are nearly limitless. Using data tags you define keywords, locations, title variations, description templates, and so much more. 

Video Marketing is probably the leading methods to promote your brand, products and services online. But the problem is when you choose to do online video marketing you must consider the competitors. So, ranking your videos, getting targeted traffic to offers is tough these days if you follow what most people are still doing. But, my technique is different. Here is how my approach is different. Rather than making one video for one specific search term, I will publish numerous unique videos for the main targeted search phrase, and add in a number of title combinations and distribute to numerous YT channels. You might be thinking that making and publishing numerous videos is hard and time-consuming. Not anymore. I am using a video marketing software referred to as YIVE also known as Your Instant Video Empire, which does all my video marketing strategies on autopilot. It creates, uploads the videos, maintains the channels automatically from the cloud.

These are search phrase-targeted, niche specific videos completely automated with YIVE. You can also use YIVE to generate Amazon product videos,  local marketing, if you can imagine it, YIVE likely does it. 


YIVE-Your Instant Video Empire

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